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Asthma can be scary for both kids and their parents. But with the help of experienced pediatric specialists Amy Buono, MD, and Donald Cotler, MD, at Buono Pediatrics & Wellness in Millburn, New Jersey, your child can minimize or eliminate asthma symptoms like painful breathing. Same-day appointments are available, so use the online scheduler or call the office to make an appointment today.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a common respiratory condition that affects around 9 million children in the U.S. today. With asthma, your child's airways grow inflamed causing the smaller airways to narrow  and resulting in breathing problems and other serious symptoms.

During asthma attacks, symptoms grow more intense and make it very difficult or near impossible to breathe.

What triggers asthma attacks?

There are a wide range of triggers. Some of the most common triggers for children are:

  • Allergens like pet dander, pollen, or mold
  • Environmental irritants like smog and smoke
  • Cold weather or rapid weather changes
  • Respiratory illnesses like cold and flu
  • Heavy or prolonged exercise
  • Extreme excitement

To manage your child's asthma, paying close attention to when their attacks happen is important because it may help you minimize exposure to triggers.

What treatments are available for asthma?

Asthma treatment depends on what type of symptoms your child has and how often they're suffering asthma attacks, as well as their age.

Children who suffer fairly mild symptoms or who don't have frequent asthma attacks may need a short-acting medication like a bronchodilator. Short-acting bronchodilators, also called rescue inhalers, may be enough to manage symptoms when they occur.

If your child is very young, they may need a device like a nebulizer, a machine which allows them to inhale bronchodilator medication through a face mask.

Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler may also prescribe a long-term preventive medication like a daily bronchodilator or oral leukotriene inhibitors for your child to take every day. Often, long-term medication is combined with rescue inhalers to keep serious asthma well controlled.

To keep track of your child's asthma, Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler may recommend using a peak flow meter at home. This device gauges your child's lung function by measuring the amount of air they can exhale. If readings are suddenly lower, it's a signal that your child may have an asthma attack soon.

With regular monitoring, consistent care, and the help of your child's care team at Buono Pediatrics & Wellness, asthma doesn't have to drag your child down. Use the online scheduler or call the office now to get asthma help for your child.