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At Buono Pediatrics & Wellness in Millburn, New Jersey, Amy Buono, MD, and Donald Cotler, MD, welcome the opportunity to introduce you to their comprehensive pediatric services in the months before your delivery date. During your prenatal consultation, you have the chance to check out all of the available services your baby will need from infancy through young adulthood. Schedule a prenatal consultation today online or by phone and learn more about their available pediatric health care options.

Prenatal Consultation Q & A

Why should I schedule a prenatal consultation?

As a soon-to-be new parent, you likely have a lot of questions about what to expect after the baby is born. Dr. Buono and Dr. Cotler offer prenatal consultation visits to put your mind at ease and get your questions answered.

Your baby will need comprehensive health care services soon after birth to ensure they are growing properly and reaching a variety of developmental milestones.

By learning first-hand about the available pediatric services before the baby’s birth, you’ll be fully prepared for what your baby needs to ensure their unique health care concerns are being met.

What happens during a prenatal consultation?

The goal of your prenatal visit is to get to know the experienced pediatricians and the staff at Buono Pediatrics. Dr. Colter and Dr. Buono take the time you need to discuss your questions about available pediatric services, such as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Well-baby checks
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Developmental screenings

Dr. Buono and Dr. Colter can also discuss their newborn care services, which are especially important to ensure your child’s health during their first weeks of life.

If you already know your baby has health issues that need attention, Dr. Buono and Dr. Colter can address the customized care plans they create to address the special health care needs your infant may have.

Your 30-minute visit also offer an overview of the on-site technology and resources available for diagnostic testing.

What are the benefits of a prenatal consultation?

One of the primary benefits of scheduling a prenatal consultation is the opportunity to meet in person with your new pediatrician. Your visit gives you time to get to know the physicians and start building a relationship with the entire pediatric team.

When your baby is born, you’ll have the information you need to ensure your baby receives prompt vaccinations, health evaluations, and developmental screenings after leaving the hospital.

Your prenatal consultation gives you the confidence that you’re selecting a compatible, qualified pediatrician ready to work with you every step of the way to keep your baby happy and healthy.

Schedule your prenatal consultation today by calling the office or through the convenient online booking feature.