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The state of New Jersey requires sports physicals for children who participate in school or out-of-school sports teams today. The experienced team at Buono Pediatrics & Wellness in Millburn, New Jersey, including skilled doctors Amy Buono, MD, and Donald Cotler, MD, makes your child’s school physical a simple and easy experience for all. Book online or by phone today. Same day appointments are available.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What does a sports physical include?

Your child's sports physical at Buono Pediatrics & Wellness includes a discussion about medical history, including family medical history, to fully establish your child's health background. Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler checks your child's health in many ways, including:

  • Checking lung function
  • Checking heart function
  • Evaluating reflexes
  • Evaluating flexibility
  • Vision screening
  • Checking ears, nose, and throat

Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler will also check other aspects of your child's health as needed, and they may also discuss sports safety practices with your child.

Can my child get up-to-date on vaccinations in a sports physical?

If your child needs new vaccinations, Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler can administer those at the time of the sports physical. However, vaccinations aren't part of a typical sports physical.

Does a sports physical replace a well-child exam?

No, sports physicals and well-child exams are separate exams with two different goals. A well-child exam is a comprehensive health care check that involves a more extensive evaluation of your child’s health and wellness. The main purpose of a sports physical is to make sure that your child is healthy enough to participate in their sports program safely.

What should I bring to my child's sports physical?

Bring the pre-participation form from your child's school, along with any other paperwork from your child's school. If your child has been to any other health care providers, including hospitals, since their last visit to Buono Pediatrics & Wellness, bring those records with you or ask the provider to send them to the office.

If your child wears eyeglasses, contact lenses, dental appliances, or uses any type of assistive devices, bring those along to the sports physical. 

How long is the sports physical good for?

The state of New Jersey requires annual sports physicals for all students. The results are good for exactly one year. It’s best to schedule your child’s sports physicals at least a few weeks before the old one expires to ensure that their sports participation isn’t interrupted.

Use the online scheduler or call Buono Pediatrics & Wellness to book your child’s sports physical today.