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All children should have a vision screening, especially when they’re school age. Amy Buono, MD, and Donald Cotler, MD, the friendly pediatricians at Buono Pediatrics & Wellness in Millburn, New Jersey, can provide vision screenings during well-child exams. Use the online appointment scheduler or call the office to schedule a well-child exam today.

Vision Screenings Q & A

How often should my child have a vision screening?

Children should have routine screenings annually in most cases, or possibly more frequently depending on medical recommendations. Most parents find that a yearly screening is a good way to make sure their child has healthy vision.

What are the signs that my child may have a vision problem?

Sometimes vision changes between vision screenings, so it's important for parents to know about the signs of vision problems. You or your child's teacher at school may notice some of the following changes if your child's having vision issues.

  • Squinting to see across a room
  • Holding a book very close to their face while reading
  • Covering one eye up when trying to focus on something
  • Very frequent eye rubbing
  • Very frequent eye blinking
  • Headaches after reading or concentrating on a screen for long periods

A short attention span is another possible sign of eye problems in children, but it can also indicate ADHD or other conditions. If your child shows some of these signs, it's important to schedule a comprehensive checkup including a vision screening with Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler to get to the bottom of the problem.

Is a vision screening at school enough?

Vision screenings at school are typically very quick ones, in which the care providers don't have much time to focus on each child's individual needs. Plus, the vision screenings at school are mainly used to identify only obvious and easily detectable vision problems.

Buono Pediatrics & Wellness does more in-depth screenings than your child's school can offer. It's worth scheduling a vision screening to ensure that your child has healthy vision.

What if my child has vision issues?

If your child is nearsighted, farsighted, has low vision, or has other vision issues that require vision correction, Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler refer you to a trusted local eye care professional who can fit your child with eyeglasses or contacts made just for them.

Use the online appointment maker or call Buono Pediatrics & Wellness to schedule your child's vision screening with Dr. Buono or Dr. Cotler today.