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Children have unique health needs and as experienced pediatricians, Donald Cotler, MD, and Amy Buono, MD, offer the specialized services they need to grow healthy and strong. At Buono Pediatrics & Wellness in Millburn, New Jersey, comprehensive well-child care exams are available to monitor your child’s development and identify potential health issues as early as possible. The staff also offer routine vision and hearing screenings and school physicals. Schedule your well-child care exam today by calling the office or using the online booking feature.

Well Child Care Q & A

What’s a well-child care exam?

A well-child care exam is important for ensuring your child is functioning optimally and in good health. The visit can also address existing chronic health conditions, including diabetes and asthma, to help you manage them properly.

Well-child care exams are a great time for you to express any concerns, ask questions, and get your child caught up on all recommended vaccinations.

What happens during a well-child care exam?

During a well-child care exam, you can expect Dr. Buono and Dr. Cotler to review your child’s medical history and family history. This helps them to determine if additional health screenings are necessary based on your child’s risk for certain diseases.

The physicians perform a comprehensive physical exam, evaluating your child’s health and bodily development.

Additionally, they check your child’s internal organs by gently pushing on the abdomen to identify abnormalities in the organ structure.

During each visit, Dr. Buono and Dr. Cotler perform certain developmental screenings, ensuring your child is developing properly and doesn’t show signs of a behavioral disorder like ADHD or a learning disability. You can also expect routine vision and hearing screenings.

Screenings are based on your child’s age or whether you are concerned about your child’s development.

How often do I need to schedule well-child care exams?

Well-child care exams are scheduled based on your child’s age, with several visits necessary during the baby’s first year of life. Well-child visits are recommended at 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years, 2 ½ years, 3 years and yearly thereafter.

After your child reaches 3, you can schedule appointments every year unless they have existing health issues that require more frequent evaluations.

Well-child care exams are different from sick visits. The unique goal of well-child care exams is to make sure your child is growing and developing properly, even when they are otherwise healthy. You also need to schedule visits each year as part of your child’s school physical requirement.

Will my child need blood work?

Children may need routine blood work or other diagnostic screenings if they are at risk for certain health issues, such as diabetes or another chronic disease, due to their family background.

If your child has an existing health issue and takes certain medications, blood work can also ensure treatment is working properly and the condition is well-managed.

Make your well-child care exam appointment today online or by phone to stay proactive about your child’s health.